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Hi, boss girls! I'm Kerry Ramsay, the founder of Hello Boss Girl and the host of the Hello Boss Girl radio show on 91X.

Besides being a 15-year college marketing professor, I'm also a wife, mama and dog lover who's obsessed with books, butter tarts and dresses with pockets.

HELLO BOSS GIRL is a Bay of Quinte social enterprise that's passionate about equipping and empowering female entrepreneurs through community, collaboration and education.

What's a boss girl?

  • A boss girl is someone who stands up for herself.

  • A boss girl trusts her gut.

  • A boss girl lives mindfully.

  • A boss girl solves problems.

  • A boss girl collaborates with others.

  • A boss girl is a mentor.

  • A boss girl has grit.

  • A boss girl makes bold decisions.

  • A boss girl gives herself permission to recharge her batteries.

  • A boss girl moves mountains.

“She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.”
                                                                      ~  Atticus