Kimberly MaDonald.jpg
Kimberly MacDonald, Owner
Kimberly's Deja Vu Boutique
Amber Darling, Executive Director  
Trenval Development Corporation
Peggy Collns2.png
Peggy Collins, Designer
The Bookery
Luisa Sorrentino.jpg
Luisa Sorrentino, Marketing Coordinator
Hastings County 
Laundry Club Laura 2.JPG
Laura Voskamp, Owner
 The Laundry Club
Angela Bell.JPG
Angela Bell, Co-Founder
Lot 48 Films
Brooke Miller2.jpg
Brooke Miller
Episode airs February 14, 2019
Angela Douglas.jpg
Angela Douglas
Episode airs February 21, 2019 
Marlem Power2.jpg
Marlem Power
Episode airs February 28, 2019 
Brooke Miller2.jpg
Brooke Miller, Owner
Runway Bridal
Angela Douglas4.png
Angela Douglas, Owner 
Breakout Belleville 
Marlem Power3.jpeg
Marlem Power, Co-Owner 
Chilangos Mexican Restaurant
Alyssa Engelsdorfer Head Shot.jpg
Alyssa Engelsdorfer,
Ann Douglas.jpg
Ann Douglas, Bestselling Author and Parenting Expert 
MElanie Harrington SMall.png
Melanie Harrington, Owner 
Dahlia May Flower Farm
Michele Rees.png
Michele Rees, Owner
Mrs. Rees's Vintage Beauty Parlour
Sharon Visser2.png
Sharon Visser, Financial Planner 
Active Wealth Management
Sheryl Delorme Smaller Photo.png
Sheryl Delorme, Owner 
Special Effects Decorating
leanne ballard.jpg
Leanne Ballard, 
Cloud Bookkeeping 
Sarah Pelletier Use.JPG
Sarah Pelletier, Co-owner
Number E Tea
Sarah Hutchison - She Thrives.jpg 2.png
Sarah Hutchison, Co-Founder
She Thrives Wellness
Caroline Granger.jpg
Caroline Granger, Owner
The Grange Winery
Jeanette Ramnarine.png
Jeanette Ramnarine, Co-owner 
Forward Finances
dana goodfellow4.png
Dana Goodfellow, Owner 
Quinte Mind & Body
Rebecca Hunt NEW.JPG
Rebecca Hunt, Owner 
Picnic PEC
Stephanie Pignoli2.png
Stephanie Pignoli, Owner
Furball's Choice
Theresa Bailey.png
Theresa Bailey, Owner
Synergy Change Builders
Kerry Photo19.jpg
25th Episode Work Party!
with Kerry Ramsay
Dodie Ellenbogen, Owner 
County Bounty Sodas
Bobbi Wright2.png
Bobbi Wright, Owner 
The Bird House Nature Store
Billie Jo Easterbrook.jpg
Billie Jo Easterbrook, Owner
Occasions by the Bay
Heather Coffey2.png
Heather Coffey, Co-Owner
Fiddlehead Farm PEC 
Stephanie Rayton4.png
Stephanie Rayton, Owner
Mommy Mops
Heather Case2.jpg
Heather Case, Owner 
Heather Case Clothing 
Rhonda Barriage3.jpg
Rhonda Barriage, Owner
Beauty Works Spa
Carly - El Creamino.jpg
Carly Dudley, Owner 
El Creamino
Jenny Chandler2.png
Jenny Chandler, Owner
​Simple Desk
Elle Murray, Owner
​There She Glows
Laura-Lee Brenneman, 
Katrina MacDonald, Co-Owner
Kasama Marketing
Victoria Ryce.jpg
Victoria Ryce, Co-Author
CEO of Everything
Dionne Baker2.png
Dionne Baker, Owner
Shop Boss Secrets